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Sisters overpowering fibroids.

Objective: SOF (Sisters Overpowering Fibroids) is a personal and concept project inspired by the designer's journey with uterine fibroids, the frustration of being handed the same generalized brochure after
a doctor's visit, meeting women in similar positions who have waited too long to get treated. While not dangerous, ignoring the symptoms can lead to complications. From a design perspective, how can design provide possible solutions? They could involve creating a sense of urgency, giving patients enough personalized information and a support system.

Strategy: To translate the core of the brand identity, it was essential to use a simple name that embodies strength and support; the name
SOF came to me. It is an acronym for Sisters Overpowering Fibroids. SOF's main goal is to encourage and empower patients to be in charge of their health through multiple design deliverables. Such as: 1) Designing posters to convey a sense of urgency 2)A booklet designed as an assessment tool during doctor visits. The patient and physician will work together to find the most suitable pathway customized to the patient's needs, from treatments, surgery details to reviewing different opinions and more and 3) An online platform to provide a sense of a supportive online community where patients can interact.


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