Customizing medical health for people with uterine fibroids.


Community, urgency, support


Title: SOF | Sisters Overpowering Fibroids

Objective: This project was inspired by a personal story and meeting women who are going through the same ordeal. I was diagnosed with fibroids and had to undergo a major surgery. Fibroids are common in women, but those who experience symptoms tend to ignore them until they become serious. The main issues are: Women are misinformed when fibroids are small, given medical terms or flyers without enough/generic information, or are afraid of the recovery period due to school/work ...etc.

Strategy: After going through this myself and meeting women, some were my nurses. I've come to the conclusion that Fibroids are not discussed due to stigma and the fact that most females don't see it as an urgent matter. Secondly, patients are not given customized flyers that speak to them but rather generic ones. My main goal is to give women control of their health and a clear communication between patient & their gyno. So, my solutions are: 

1- A series of posters that are bold and illustrate 'urgency'

2- A customized booklet for patients & their doctors that educates women about their fibroids, symptoms, placement, and size and informs them about their treatment options.