Simplify Complex medical terms for women with fibroids.


SOF | Sisters Overpowering Fibroids


SOF is an acronym for sisters overpowering fibroids; it was born during my post-op recovery from a uterine fibroids myomectomy around 2018 and was designed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The SOF project is inspired by people with uterine fibroids, their frustration of being handed the same generalized brochure after a doctor's visit, and their reasons behind waiting too long to get treated. While not dangerous, ignoring the symptoms can lead to complications. From a design perspective, how could graphic design provide possible solutions? They could involve creating a sense of urgency, giving patients enough personalized information and a support system.

To translate the core of the brand identity, it was essential to use a simple name that embodies strength and support. Consequently, the goal is to bridge the gap between people diagnosed with uterine fibroids and doctors. SOF aims to encourage and empower patients to be in charge of their health through multiple design deliverables. Such as, a customized booklet to understand the diagnosis, treatments, various opinions, a poster series to create a sense of urgency, and a supportive platform online.



—PRINT Awards by Adobe: Best of Graphic Design the year, Concept →


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