Hello There!

My name is Hamda and I'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer with a passion to positively contribute to our world through design. The desire for discovery and love for the arts pushed me to travel across the globe, all the way from Dubai to San Francisco. 


I’ve been a visual thinker for as long as I can remember. As a child, whatever I couldn’t understand with words, I understood with shapes and drawings. How do you connect with people when you find it hard to express yourself verbally? When you cannot solve mathematical equations? Through one word; Art. I drew and doodled to simplify the complexities of learning in school. 

Which greatly influenced my designs as an adult and became my design philosophy, and that is to present the most tangled concepts in the simplest way possible. 

I find inspiration through everything around us; from the past to present, looking at the free thinkers, the pioneers. Studying the space we are in, from the sky to the ground below us. That’s how we open new doors, how we create connections and empathy.

During my career, I’ve concentrated on branding and editorial design and along the way I’ve learned interesting new skills

In my free time you will find me, hiking, drawing, helping individuals aspiring to be graphic designers, watching endless funny videos, or talking about the limitations of societal roles.


Copyright © 2020 by Hamda Al Naimi

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