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I’m a multidisciplinary graphic designer who desires to contribute positively to the world through design. During my childhood, I used visuals to navigate the complexities of learning in school, which led me to fall in love with and appreciate the importance of arts and design. Later in life, that background became my philosophy as a professional designer; one who strives to take the most tangled concepts and present them in the simplest way possible.


I specialize in print, branding, environmental and visual design. During my career, I tackled editorial design and journalism while working for Gulf News in Dubai, brand and environmental design at Studio o+a in San Francisco, as well as visual and graphic design at Google in the bay area. Currently, I’m working on personal projects to expand my scope of knowledge in experimental typography and typeface design.


My motto in life is to advocate for good design, enrich our humanity and be friendly to our environment.


*Resume available upon request

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