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Transgender's privacy and rights to travel is a human right.

Posters for a campaign 

Equality, Privacy, Protection



Objective: Use the word ‘Privacy’ as a topic and design a typographic poster that revolves around the chosen topic.  

Strategy: Some countries around the world have banned or arrested transgenders during their travels. Some have threatened to use extreme vetting and “special” scans that can detect transgenders and anyone from the LGBT community. Which is impossible and a breach of one’s privacy. Therefore, My poster—using airport vernacular—urges people to take action against such measures.


My strategy was to design a poster with a hidden message by using big type with a negative connotation “keep trans away” to attract attention and get people to come closer. Then, a person can read the hidden message and get involved. Sadly, today, the unnecessary vetting against certain groups continues. However, together we can change that, because we all belong to one gender, one race; Humanity. 

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