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Role: Graphic Designer


Keywords: Editorial/newspaper design


Berliner format with Mario Garcia →

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History of Gulf News 


Written by Hamda:

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Promote a small business full of passion for chocolate.


Verbana Chocolat



Find a handwritten sign and develop a cohesive visual system.
Use graphic design to improve the visual communication of the sign by expanding it into multiple deliverables. 



The handwritten sign that I’ve selected was for Verbena Chocolate,
which promoted wine-infused truffles. The sign was found in the Ferry Building, San Francisco. My strategy was to design a visual that gives the brand a classical look while flaunting their delicious wine-infused flavors. The strips are influenced by the 1950–60s’s chocolate/dessert packaging. The photography and vector art is used to visualize the texture of chocolate. 


Credits →

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