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Empowering minorities'
freedom of artistic expression.

Title: Motown, New Sound

Objective: Identifying a dying or defunct brand and reviving it through a new strategic plan while staying true to its soul. The goals were to Research its past and mission and create a new brand identity as well as a future direction. 

Strategy: Motown is a record label that is considered defunct, it’s known for being the sound of young America. During a time when the United States was racially divided and at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Motown stood strong and was the first black label to win over a mass of diverse audience. 

In order to stay relevant in a diverse but divided industry, my mission for the new Motown is to broaden the spectrum by including all minorities in the performing arts field, specifically on stage. Creating a collaborative environment and empowering artists to express themselves artistically under the spotlights.

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