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THESIS: Public Realm

Collaborate and reclaim public spaces from outdoor ads.


A master’s thesis is an exploration of a chosen topic that identifies a real-world issue. It’s a year-long process of distilling information, conducting research, analyzing strategies and developing solutions. The solution will reach its intended audience across multiple design platforms that demonstrate design thinking and practices.



I was fascinated by the 2006, “Clean City Law” in São Paulo, Brazil. Where 15,000 billboards were taken down. That fascination turned into a thesis project. How can I, as a graphic designer be involved in reclaiming public spaces from outdoor ads?  


My goal was to utilize and redefine outdoor advertising into a visual space for messages by the community. The reasoning behind this was that outdoor ads have dominated our cities and continue to communicate messages that cannot be avoided. Therefore, I named the project Public Realm. It aims to give urban dwellers the platform to take back their public spaces by tracking the outdoor ads they’re exposed to and the ability to replace them.


—Process Book 

—Process Blog 

—Thesis Website 


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