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Stuck Anchor

Stuck in Rewind—a film festival


Objective: Produce deliverables for a film festival celebrating a director’s work. Find a common thread that ties his/her movies together and conceptualize a design aesthetic into a system that brings the essence of the films to life. 

Strategy: The director I chose was the music lover and Rolling Stone journalist Cameron Crowe. He is known for his memorable movie scenes and epic soundtracks. His movies are centered around a misfit who loses his course in life, but through a journey of self-discovery, the character finds a way to succeed. Therefore, I name the film festival Stuck in Rewind, following by a tagline-Pausing failure, rewinding the past and moving forward in the films of Cameron Crowe.

The visual system is inspired by music, journalism and road trips (handwritten notes, polaroids, California sun, light leaks and memorabilia). Fun fact: Throughout the film analysis phase, I’ve discovered that in every film Crowe uses a metaphoric object that appears more than once. Therefore, I’ve used images of those objects on every DVD disc to represent each movie.

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